From Flesh to Spirit… Rise.

by aneek9

From Flesh to Spirit…. Rise.


A foolish girl is flattered by the stares and lust-filled desires of the boy that is after her.

She flaunts her body, hoping to draw him into her empty world, that he might save her from singleness. Clueless to the fact that he is also hoping that she too might save him.

A wise woman will only pause when her intuition tells her that a man is intrigued with her intelligence… that he has the capacity to see into her heart and dance within the depths of her mind.

She is patient… awaiting his next move… that they may save each other from this fading material matrix… that they may walk the heavens hand in hand; exploring the beauty of Life both physically & spiritually.

Both full knowing that whether they dance together or not… 

STILL, they dance. ♥



 Divine Connections ©2012