Childlike perspective… is it beneficial for adults?

by aneek9

Matthew 18:3 and he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

I was reminded of this scripture earlier today. I observed this adorable little kid, maybe 3 years old ask his mother ‘Why?’ over & over again. Children have such a thirst for knowledge and an understanding of how things work.

Even before they have the skills needed to utter a word; they explore their surroundings. This task is typically accomplished by putting whatever their tiny little hands can hold into their mouths.



  • Children laugh hard.
  • Children typically don’t get upset when something is spilled on the rug or the new couch.  Most often the spill is entertaining; they get a kick out of it!
  • Children don’t meet strangers.  If they haven’t been taught to fear those who are different, they love everyone just the same.
  • Children love animals, nature, the outdoors, the dirt and flowers; and they don’t mind rolling around outside either.
  • Children will question everything if you take the time to sit and try your best to answer every question their minds can think of. 

Unfortunately most of us loose these qualities as adults; yes, I said qualities.  

We pretty much accept everything that is handed to us. We go with the flow or the norm; and rarely question much at all! We know it all… we dare not hint that we have questions about life, ‘God’, questions about the universe and what lies beyond this physical dimension.

What is your perspective on this subject? I look forward to hearing from every person that reads this blog. What are other qualities children have that we can learn from as adults?

We are all teachers and students; please share.

I am here to serve.

I am here to learn.

I am here to Love.

I am here to accept you for who you are; I simply ask that you do the same for me.

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